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The way in which I believe healing takes place can best be summed up in the phrase that came to me during meditation:  “Consciously Addressing “Dis”-Ease to Avoid Disease,” which I have adopted as my mission statement.

Through a conversation with the person, items of importance are pinpointed, worked on, and released.  Using God’s guidance and spiritual counseling I’m guided to work with various energetic modalities that are best suited to each individual’s situation. 

Born into a family of intuitives and sensitives, I have developed the gifts of being an emotional and physical empath.  I have studied with a variety of healers over the years, traditional and non-traditional.  I learned much from chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, therapists, counselors, priests, innate healers, psychics, intuitives, martial artists, etc.  I formally trained for four years full time in Chiropractic, and I have attended hundreds of hours of post graduate training in that field and its variety of techniques. I obtained a Doctorate in Naturopathy, studied for over four years with my sensei in Acupuncture (Kototama Life Medicine and Inochi Meridian Therapy), and have studied in various energetic modalities including Applied Kinesiology, CranioSacral Therapy, Quantum-Touch, Reconnective Healing, Matrix Energetics, and Pangu Medical QiGong.

From 2004-2010 I worked with Dr. David Jernigan at Hansa Center for Optimum Health (formerly Somerleyton Center for Biological Medicine) specializing in working with Lyme Disease patients in the fields of Biological Medicine, BioResonance Scanning, American Biological Medicine, Chiropractic Plus Kinesiology,  and further developing treatment techniques and protocols in that office.  Together we studied German New Medicine and co-developed biophotonic treatment protocols integrating sacred geometrical patterns.

Limiting thoughts impede or draw in energies that resonate with our beliefs; working with these thoughts or feelings we can release energy that works against the natural flow.  Consciously choosing the path of well-being forces us to notice what it is we are supposed to be learning and plays a monumental role in our state of health.

For those interested contact Dr. Joseph for your first appointment.  It will be a memorable experience.

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